Alicia Reynolds, UT

My journey to veganism first began at a young age during a time that I was trying to escape the grips of my eating disorder. I had been suffering and not treating my body with grace and kindness for long enough and my soul could no longer handle the pain I felt. I started on my journey to better my physical and mental health and was met with the book, Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr, and my life was changed forever. I went vegan in the moment of putting that book down and with that started moving my body in ways that felt right and supportive of what I needed in the moment. Yoga was always something I was interested in exploring, and it wasn't until I become a healthier person that I dove into my personal practice. Being vegan not only allowed me to feel light on my feet during my practice time but allowed me to feel connected to a spiritual power during my practice. I believe the strong spiritual connection I felt and feel to this day has to do with me knowing I do my best every day to bring no harm to any living being and knowing that I try to live my life with compassion and empathy. Yoga cannot exist without veganism. Veganism can be coupled beautifully with yoga. The two exist, I believe, to lean off of one another and to support anyone who chooses to practice non-harm, compassion, and respect for our own bodies and souls. 

—Alicia Reynolds
   Instagram: @alicia_reyn


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