Denisse Ramirez, Mexico

I believe that in order to achieve self-realization it’s really important to practice the 8 limbs of yoga of Patanjali. The first limb or step is Yama and there we have Ahimsa, which is non-violence. It means having compassion towards all beings including animals. I love animals and I see them as living beings that have feelings and are in their own life processes and making their histories. Animals also ascend to higher levels of consciousness eventually. 

Being vegan affected my yoga practice tremendously. I gained more sensitivity in my body and fDenisse Ramirezelt more grounded. I work with energy. I believe that when we eat meat or dairy we also eat the energy of the animal. I feel that now I am more clean in my aura and also inside my whole body. In my mind I feel that I gained more concentration. I feel that my mind is more clear and it’s easier to be a nice person. By not eating meat I also feel that I am not harming a being so there is no bad karma. In the end, the goal is self-realization and that is to see and feel God everywhere.
-Denisse Ramirez

Instagram: @dena_yogagirl87

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