Elena Mouratidou, Greece

My transition to a plant-based nutrition started ten years ago when I watched, by chance, one of these famous documentaries that are promoting a more healthy and conscious diet. Eating consciously was, frankly, so new to my world back then. I had never thought before that, what I was eating - without even a glimpse of awareness - was, in fact, a living being. Elena Mouratidou
And boom! The decision was already made with no effort. Since that day, I never felt that I missed anything in my diet. On the contrary, I started to be much more aware of what I am actually eating. My diet became much more holistic and complete. 

When I had the fortune to cross paths with the great yogi, Sri Dharma Mittra, I started to explore the world of veganism and the idea of living a life of ahimsa. Not hurting ourselves, not harming others. See ourselves in all living beings. And it was back then that the real yoga practice began. Dharma became my teacher and a deep detox for my body, my mind, and my psyche started. 

Even today I can hear Dharma’s voice saying that our awareness must go beyond our pets. Such a great practice! But what is yoga and self-transformation without ahimsa, the practice of non-violence? 
What a relief! I could finally breathe properly, sleep more peacefully, and think with clarity. Elena Mouratidou Yoga Is Vegan Greece
Even my physical practice changed dramatically and I became so much more flexible! I started to value life like never before and I let nature heal my old wounds and traumas. Rebirthing of a whole new me! 

In my perception, yoga is life itself. Yoga is calling us to become the best that we are, the best version of our True Nature. One of her greatest gifts is the practice of awareness. To be aware of what we eat, to be fully conscious of what we choose to put inside our body and mind. What we are ready to digest and what we choose to get rid of. 

We have all the tools, plenty of options and inspiration. The decision is ours to take. Let’s get it right!
- Elena Mouratidou
Instagram: @elenamouratidouyoga
Facebook: @elenamouratidouyoga
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