Jeni Fan, DC

Vegan Yogi Jeni Fan Dancers Yoga PoseMy personal journey into veganism has taken me through different phases of practice and understanding.  For me, the transformation began with discipline. Switching to the vegan diet was hard at first because the traditional Chinese food that I grew up with is not vegan friendly (think pork dumplings, oyster sauce, etc). To become a vegan, I had be more more thoughtful about the foods that I put into my body and resist the temptation of old habits. This form of tapas magnified the discipline and austerity needed to deepen my yoga practice. As my body changed, the vegan diet became the new normal… and I watched my body, mind and spirit transform. My muscles softened, joints opened, and mind settled. In place of these obstacles, I found a new place to experience the great Self. Compassion and patience came easier, impulses and agitation subsided, and a deep sense of connectedness began in emerge. It was through leading a vegan lifestyle that I truly understood Sri Dharma’s phrase: “see yourself in all things. We are all one.” 

Sri Dharma often says that our compassion extends only to our pets. If we saw every piece of meat as having had life like our beloved dog or cat, how could we ever eat it? Impossible.  
So Hum. I am That. That I am. Be well and love one another. From one yogi to another.
—Jeni Fan
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