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My vegan lifestyle strengthens my yoga practice and vice versa. We know yoga is about more than just mastering asana, it’s about living yoga off the mat too. This is where my choice to be vegan comes in. I’m vegan for my health, for the environment, and for the animals. I wholeheartedly believe that ahimsa refers to all three of these important tenets of veganism, so I practice non-violence towards my body, the earth, and the animals. Kayla Hersperger Yoga Is Vegan

Being a vegan yogi sustains my compassion not for only myself and my students, but also for those in the world around me. My yoga practice inspires me to maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay physically and mentally fit. Eating only plants makes me feel good, gives me sustainable energy for my practice, and inspires me to love all the universe’s creatures equally. 

I’m grateful to the universe for bringing both veganism and yoga into my life. I’m a better, healthier, happier person because of the mindful choices I make on and off my yoga mat. I hope to inspire others to join me on this journey of ahimsa towards self, environment, and all living creatures. 

-Kayla Hersperger
Website: http://essentialyogawithkayla.com 
Facebook: @essentialyogawithkayla
Instagram: @khersperger

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