Marika Elvin, Stirling, Scotland

Yoga Makes Me Connect to the World 

After being a high achiever during my university years, with a self-esteem relying on performance and validation from others, I craved real connection and kindness. Yoga and veganism are practices of pure love and compassion, embodying a softness that so often is overlooked in a busy, money-driven society.
Yoga became a tool in my life I use to achieve connectivity to my soul. 
When practicing it I find what is true to me Marika Elvin Yoga Is Vegan Scotlandand what really matters.
Once I realised that we are interconnected to everything around us: the nature, the animals, and to each other, I wanted to make a conscious choice of minimising pain, ahimsa, by practicing love, compassion and kindness, because nothing else made sense anymore. 
Detachment is the disease of our time, it makes us justify animal suffering for the taste of eating meat, it makes us justify deforestation for a short-term monetary profit, it makes us live the life someone else chose for us because we’re too scared of not being accepted for who we really are.
Through connection with ourselves, the animals, the nature we can create a better, kinder world. Minimising pain… though kindness. It’s that simple.
- Marika Elvin
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