Oriane Torode, Kenya

People ask: Why become Vegan? My answer is: Why not become Vegan?

When you do something that sounds this right, this good, this selfless you FEEL GOOD. Every day! All the time.

First I did it for myself. I felt sad, down, depressed when I was eating cheese.

The quality of the dairies these days is not good. Our poor beautiful cows, sheep and goats are fed antibiotics, are injected with hormones, treated in the worst manner.

When you practice Yoga, mindfulness and meditation you connect with their emotions and sadness. It just happens. You feel connected to their suffering. 

This is why after being a vegetarian for years I turned Vegan. If you practice yoga, kindness, awareness you will feel it too. You just have to close your eyes and listen to the signals. Then the MAGIC happens. You feel. You believe. 

When you are vegan your body clears the toxins. Oriane Torode Yoga Is VeganYour joints, muscles, entire body soften. Your become more supple, your Yoga practice become effortless, you recover fast, you rarely get sick, your skin glows, your eyes are clear. Of Course you also lose weight. You can say “good bye” to diabetes, heart problems, Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases.

And you are just deeply HAPPY.

Do it for Them
Do it for You.
Do it for Humanity.
Do it for the Earth!

It has to be done right and gradually.

Tips on how to do it? Connect with vegans. They want to help you!

-Oriane Torode
Instagram: @orianetorode
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