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Denisse Ramirez, Mexico

I work with energy. I believe that when we eat meat or dairy we also eat the energy of the animal.

Naomi Green, FL

 In early 2014, I felt a lump in my breast and a doctor told me, “You have stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma.”  I did...

William Allerdice, GA

My journey to a plant- based diet began when I watched a documentary on Netflix about factory farming. I knew intelle...

Sande Nosonowitz, NY

Years ago, I was a yoga teacher with a thriving group and corporate yoga business, when a serious injury left me u...

Elissa Cretella Ranney, CT

Ahimsa means non-harm and by living a vegan lifestyle, I am practicing non-harm to the planet, to my own body, ...

Lyn Sellars, VT

Being vegan has not only allowed me to develop a deep level of compassion for all living beings, it has allowed...

Valeria Orozco, NY

My road to veganism wasn't exactly conventional.  When I was 16 years old I became very sick and was hospitaliz...

Sam Butts, TN

I made the lifestyle transition to a plant-based, vegan diet over a year and a half ago. This transition came the sa...

Sarah O’Donoghue, CT

I  was 19, in my first yoga teacher training, living at a yoga ashram, where the menu was vegetarian/vegan. Up ...

Shelley Cook, TX

Veganism isn’t just about a diet, it’s about building a compassionate relationship with the world you live in. ...

Barrie Kane Rosencrans, OH

"This level of compassion for the animals and not ingesting their pain strengthens my spiritual heart"

Andry Sophocleous, Cyprus

Turning to veganism made me become more compassionate not only towards cows but towards all animals and people....
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