127- Bobbi Paidel: A Curious Yogi


Bobbi Paidel is a Hatha Yogi & Sadhak who spends most of her days traveling or living in northern India studying meditation & the wisdom of the vedas. Bobbi grew up on a second generation cattle ranch in southern Alberta, Canada, had a promising career in the global fashion industry and was continually struggling with addiction & mental health issues. That all changed when Bobbi met her Guru in India, devoted her life to Yoga, sadhana & sobriety, became a compassionate, animal loving vegan, and left her fashion career to found a charity for children living with HIV+ in India. She accredits her transformation to the way of ahimsa as demonstrated by her Guru and the power behind a daily, personal practice. 

In this episode Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Bobbi Paidel discuss the following:

  • The differences between Yoga in India and what's being taught to westerners
  • Yoga Alliance and it's disconnect with traditional Yoga
  •  Bobbi's Guru Swami Shyam
  • The role of sobriety within the Yoga practice
  • Tribe of Lambs A charity co-founded by Bobbi that provides funding for children living with HIV in India.
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Connect with Bobbi:

Instagram: @bobbipaidel
Podcast: A Curious Yogi
Website: bobbipaidel.com
Free 7 Day Course: Build Your Own Self Practice 

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