Brenda Carey

Brenda Carey is the host of Kindness Magazine,  which is a new YouTube and podcast show. This project is the latest incarnation of what was just formerly Vegan Health & Fitness magazine, which was a print publication available in stores since 2012, that became primarily electronic in 2019.  As Kindness Magazine, Brenda and her staff are seeking to expand the conversation of compassion and well-being to all. Brenda has been doing yoga for over 20 years, and has completed several teacher trainings, the first of which was in Ashtanga through Yoga Hawaii. Brenda has been vegan since 1991. She credits her vibrant energy, mental health and clarity, and inner peacefulness to the two pervasive forces of yoga and veganism in her life.  Brenda is also an immigration attorney in Northern California and an activist for many causes from animal rights, to environmentalism, to civil rights. You can catch her show and find her magazines in print, digital, podcast, and video at

In this episode YIV's Holly Skodis and Brenda Carey discuss the following:

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