Danae Bocabarteille

In podcast episode 20 YIV's Holly Skodis interviews vegan yoga teacher Danae Bocabarteille about her journey to veganism through Ayurvedic yoga. 

Danae is a french designer who specializes in sustainable design in Paris.  A few years ago she started teaching yoga and ayurvedic cooking. She's now practicing these two activities at the same time. She believes that building bridges between yoga and ayurveda is the key to health and happiness.  The practice is adapted according to your dosha, the season and your pathologies. Practicing yoga led her to a non-violent lifestyle of veganism.
What is traditional Ayurvedic yoga?

Ayurvedic yoga is based on the knowledge of Ayurveda and dosha balancing (Pita, Kapha, Vata).
When our body, mind and spirit is balance we do not get sick, we are happy and full of energy. At the beginning there was no separation between yoga and ayurveda, then one started to develop as a spiritual practice as the other develop as a medicine.

The yoga I teach comes from Sri Aurobindo’s vision on integral yoga.
The goal of yoga is to reach the state of "union" with oneself and the world around us, cultivating joy and energy into our everyday lives.

Integral Yoga combines different styles of yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (Breath Yoga), Yoga Nidra (Dream Yoga), Meditation (Spirit Yoga), Kundalini Yoga (Life Energy Yoga), Mantra and Song to balance our dosha.

Danae's Green Agni Balancing Hummus

Green Agni Balancing Hummus
300 gr of raw edamame beans (or peas)
1 clove of garlic
1 cif of cumin
1 garam massala (or 5 spices, ra salt hanout)
a handful of fresh coriander
juice of a whole lemon
salt and pepper
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp sesame or tahini seeds

Mix everything and add a little water for the texture and that’s it!

The edemame and the green peas tend to balance Kapha and Pita but they are very charged in air element when they are raw.
To avoid a Vata imbalance in the recipe you can first cook the beans, which will make the hummus sweeter and replace the olive oil with sesame oil.

Kapha may feel lighter using sunflower oil and without sesame seeds.
Danae also offers workshops on ayurvedic cooking, and how to use spices and food to come back to our true nature. 

Connect with Danae:
Instagram: danae_yoga_ayurveda
Facebook: Danae Bocabarteille


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