Dharma Yogi & Jacinthe Natural Skin Care Andry Sophocleous


Andry Sophocleous is a 500hr Dharma Yoga teacher who teaches in her studio Dharma Yoga in Cyprus. Andry is also the founder of Jacinthe Natural Skincare an indie brand that strives for purity and transparency in natural skincare. She makes use of green biotechnology hence bringing science and plants together in all of her Jacinthe products.

In this episode Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Andry Sophocleous discuss the following: 

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Connect with Andry:
Website: Jacinthe Natural Skin Care
Instagram: @jacinthe_naturals and @dharmayogacyp

Plantbased Clubhouse Room Yoga is Vegan! w/ Holly Skodis Saturday Feb 13 1pm EST - 

Yoga Goes Vegan All-Day Retreat Saturday March 20th. For tickets and info visit the Integral Yoga Institute

photo credit: Kaveh Photography

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