Henry Winslow

In this episode Holly Skodis and Henry Winslow discuss:

Information on the recent Bikram downfall in the documentary, Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator. 

Henry Winslow is a dedicated yoga practitioner of nine years, whose teaching is rooted in the Ghosh, Ashtanga, and Dharma Yoga traditions. In 2018, Henry took first place in the International Yoga Sport Federation's world championships, and in 2019, he launched the Henry Yoga app, a 40-day program for anyone looking to get serious about yoga, no matter their budget or schedule. To Henry, yoga is above all else a tool for cultivating clarity. He credits his practice for attuning him to his own values and for lending him the courage to leave a safe yet emotionally draining job in pharmaceutical advertising and blaze a new path in yoga and entrepreneurship. Through live classes and workshops, the Henry Yoga app, and his podcast Dharma Talk, Henry empowers students worldwide to connect to their innermost selves, where our natural resilience, unlimited power, and universal compassion reside.


Connect with Henry:
Website: henrywins.com
Podcast: Dharma Talk with Henry Winslow
Instagram: @henrywins
Facebook: @henrywinsyoga

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