Jake Conroy

Jake Conroy is a long-time activist, designer, and writer currently residing in Seattle, WA USA.  He helped organize and participated in successful local, regional, national and international pressure campaigns. He also helped build the foundation of SHAC USA, considered one of the most successful grassroots animal rights campaigns in history. He and his co-organizers were subsequently arrested by the US government for their roles and dubbed the SHAC7.  Jake and his codefendants were found guilty after a lengthy trial and he was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison.  In 2019, the Joaquin Phoenix produced documentary, The Animal People, was released detailing the campaign and the controversial court case.
Currently, Jake works at the Rainforest Action Network, an international organization using pressure campaigns to stop rainforest deforestation, fossil fuel extraction, and support human rights.  He can be found pontificating online as the Cranky Vegan, where he irritates everyone with his thoughts on the tactics, strategies and optics of the grassroots animal rights movement.
In this episode Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Jake Conroy discuss the following:
  • The Animal People Documentary
  • SHAC Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty
  • Pressure Campaigns
  • The grassroots Animal Rights Movement
  • Animal Enterprise Protection Act
  • Eating in prison as a vegan
  • The prison black market
  • Taking and teaching yoga in prisons
  • The Rainforest Action Network
  • Effective Activism 

Connect with Jake:

YouTube: @thecrankyvegan
Instagram: @thecrankyvegan
Facebook: @thecranklyvegan
Email: jake@jakeconroy.com


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