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Meg and Komie Vora- are ecopreneurs, the co-founders and designers behind Delikate Rayne (DR)- an award-winning, ethical, eco-friendly, cruelty-free women's label that produces in made to order/limited quantities to ensure zero waste whenever possible. The Vora sisters are disturbing the fashion industry by being a voice for the voiceless, empowering other females to go after their passion and pushing boundaries as brown creatives. The Vora sisters are first generation born and raised in the USA. They are going against the grain- forgoing their traditional cultural and gender expectations, by using their upbringing (Jain + Hindi roots plus born & raised vegetarian- now vegan) alongside their adoration of animals, to create green luxury- definitive and progressive vegan designs with a purpose into existence. DR also serves as a platform to bring awareness to the many overlooked issues in fashion including sustainability, cruelty and ethics. Plus making compassion cool by redefining luxury through changing the preconceived notions of what "lux" is. They also curate a conscious sanctuary through DR Diary which focuses on and educates about vegan/sustainable fashion, beauty, food, travel, wellness, mindfulness & more for your higher self.
The Vora sisters had no formal industry experience or contacts, but their willingness not to conform to others expectations outweighed their fears and obstacles. Through their unstoppable drive and determinism to follow their desires, they set out to do whatever they could to make their dream a reality. What's particularly interesting about the Vora sisters is turning the things that they were once alienated and made fun of for while growing up resulted into making a remarkable impact later in their life. As a result, the sisters have become one of the pioneers of the kind fashion movement and are leading examples of how their unconventional upbringing and values led them to discover their passion which ultimately led to uncovering their purpose which is now channeled through the creation of Delikate RayneTo date, the sisters and their company were on the front page in both digital and print of Colombia based Be Vegan Magazine and India West. Other notable interviews/features include: Forbes, NBC, Miss Bish, Galore, The Zoe Report, WWD, E! Online, The Los Angeles Times, StyleCasterBuzzFeedVegNewsSakara, The Hindustan Times, Cheddar, Business Rockstars, The Orange County Register and many more. In addition, the Vora sisters have been guests on several podcasts, TV shows, radio segments and conferences/panels. The sisters have also conceptualized and served as creative directors for multiple fashion for good projects including PETA USA, NYLON magazine, PETA India, The Animal Hope and Wellness Center and others. They are also guest writers/features for 3 books on vegan style, living, and green business acumen. Today, Meg and Komie have built Delikate Rayne into a leading platform of bringing awareness all while paving the way for other compassionate companies.
In this episode Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Meg and Komie Vora discuss the following:
    • Growing up in a Hindi and Jain household and how Ahimsa entered into their lives. 
    • Meg & Komie's vegan story
    • Building their ethical, eco-friendly, cruelty-free women's label, Delikate Rayne. 
    • The impacts of fast fashion on the environment

Connect with Meg & Komie Vora:

Twitter: @delikaterayne
Facebook: @Delikaterayne
Pinterest: @delikaterayne
Instagram: @delikaterayne

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