Obi Ndefo


In this episode Holly Skodis & Obi Ndefo discuss:

  • The hit & run accident that left Obi an  above-the-knee double amputee and his road to recovery
  • Healing with an organic, raw vegan diet 
  • The power of plants 
  • Obi's new television series "Juice Bar"
  • Yoga & yogic philosophy 

As an actor of Nigerian and American heritage, onscreen and onstage, Obi Ndefo’s relationship with his body has been crucial for his life’s work and self-expression. Trained at the Yale School of Drama, Obi subsequently progressed to playing pivotal roles in film and television. For 3 seasons, he recurred as Bodie Wells on the television series “Dawson’s Creek,” and for 4 seasons he recurred as Rak’nor in the adventure science fiction series “Stargate.” As a physically transformative actor, extensively trained in yoga and multidimensional fitness, Mr. Ndefo took on a wide variety of physical roles in “Star Trek - Deep Space Nine” as the Klingon Drex, “Star Trek - Voyager” as Kelamane, along with roles in “The West Wing,” “NYPD Blue,” “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “Angel,” and “Third Rock from the Sun.”

As a writer, Obi had been 5 years into the development of a groundbreaking new multicultural television series entitled “Juice Bar,” which is centered around the world of the global health movement, the organic food movement, and our planet’s movement towards consciousness and inclusivity. The deeply uplifting series is in its pilot phase. Obi is the lead writer for the character-driven scripted series.

8 weeks ago, on the evening of August 17th, after shopping at Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Los Angeles, Obi’s body was struck by a hIt-and-run DUI driver moving full speed. Miraculously, Obi survived the impact, but his right leg was severed instantly, just above the knee, and his shattered left leg had to be amputated 30 minutes later at the hospital to save his life.

Through dramatic self-will and determination, Obi used his yoga abilities, commitment to vibrant organic vegan food, and his positive mindset, to not only heal and recover from the very violent incident, but to recently return to his life’s work of acting and writing.

Ironically, Obi’s new television series “Juice Bar” sought to offer transformative portrayals of diversity on television, with several characters who happen to be amputees! With an even deeper mission now to tell the stories of these “other abled” characters, staggeringly, Obi will now be playing one of the roles he originally wrote to be played by an actual double amputee.
In an emotionally moving turn of events from the universe, the above-the-knee double amputee is now Obi.

Obi’s family, community, and co-workers in the entertainment field are coming together to support both his survival, and his physical ability to portray these roles, and maintain his position as co-show creator and writer of this and other television series. Obi would like the exposure of his story and his work within media to be a vehicle/vessel for positive portrayals of diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion.
Please watch the NBC news clip on Obi Ndefo’s miraculous recent recovery, and his efforts to serve his community.

Connect with Obi:

gofundme: Obi Ndefo Lifeline - Organized by his Family 
Instagram: @ndefoobi
Facebook: Obi Ndefo 

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