Pablo Herrerias

While studying at University in Mexico, Pablo Herrerias was in a car accident that changed his life as he knew it. After losing a substantial portion of his foot and spending a year in bed unable to walk, he began a journey to heal his body. This led him to both the healing effects of yoga and veganism.

Holly Skodis interviews Pablo about his journey to yoga and veganism. In this episode they talk about his accident and discuss permaculture and sustainability in Mexico. 

Pablo is a Mexican Industrial Engineer with interest in permaculture and sustainability. He has been a Dharma Yoga student and teacher since 2015. He is also an amateur vegan cook. 

Pablo's Black Bean & Beet Patties

Pablo's Black Bean and Beet Patties

2 cans of cooked black beans
1 cup of grated beet root
1.5 cups of oat flour
1 cup of diced mushrooms
! cup of diced onions

Saute the onions and the mushrooms.  Set aside to cool down. Add the beets. Mash the black beans and start mixing them with the sauté. Start adding the flour until you get a consistency nice enough to create some patties, You may air fry, bake or grill them. If the mixture is to dry you can add some beet juice to fix it. This will add a nice color and flavor too! It also works great for consistency if the oat flour is a little coarse.  

Pablo Herrerias Vegan Yogi

Connect with Pablo:
Instagram: @pabloherrerias
Facebook: Pablo Herrerias Aizcorbe

Pablo will be in New York for 2 months starting June 26, 2019. He will be teaching at both Yoga Care and the Dharma Yoga Center both in Manhattan. 

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