Paul Rodney Turner

Paul Rodney Turner, the “Food Yogi” is the international director of Food for Life and the co-founder of Food for Life Global, the world headquarters for the charity. Food for Life is the largest plant-based food relief in the world with 211 projects in 60 countries that serve up to 2 million meals daily.

Paul spent 14 years as a Hare Krishna monk. During that time he took a vow of celibacy and studied the ancient teachings of the Vedas as taught by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. In the years of Paul’s life as a monk, he learned gourmet vegetarian cooking and was soon cooking the Sunday feasts for the Sunday Hare Krishna temple. His desire to focus exclusively on India’s Vedic culture of hospitality inspired him to start his own outreach project. 

Over the last 33 years, Paul has traveled to 70 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas, helping to inspire and set up new Food for Life projects and train volunteers. He has raised millions of dollars in funds: gave hundreds of public lectures, appeared on television and radio and met with numerous government officials. 

Paul is the author of FOOD YOGA and SOUL POWER, Five Noble Truths for a Successful Life. 

In this episode Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Paul Rodney Turner discuss the following:

Connect with Paul Rodney Turner 

Food For Life Global
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