Rowdy Girl Sanctuary's Renee King-Sonnen


Renee, a native Houstonian, is the President and Founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in Waelder, Texas. She remarried her husband Tommy Sonnen, a multi-generational cattle rancher in 2009 and moved to their former ranch in Angleton, Texas. She fell in love with farm animals, having no idea her life was about to transform. After witnessing time and again the baby calves going to the sale barn, she became extremely depressed. In October 2014, she went vegan as a result and began researching factory farming and the compassionate alternative, farm sanctuaries. She desperately consulted with leaders in the vegan movement, determined to do whatever she could to create sanctuary out of what was once a beef cattle operation in the heart of cattle country. As a result, the Rancher Advocacy Program was developed to give cattle ranchers and other animal farmers a way to transition into other ways of farming without animal cruelty. Transitioning out of animal agriculture requires a lot of skill, effort, and people to help. RAP is dedicated to finding the resources and the way to give farmers a way around farming animals. Renee speaks to farmers all the time and a few have converted to vegan, like 6th generation Texas cattle ranchers Cindy and Richard Traylor.


Renee King-Sonnen aka Sangita has studied yoga sciences and Ayurveda for 35 years. She is a teacher of hatha yoga and kundalini yoga. She has a dedicated yoga practice and meditates every day. Her guru is Swami Satchidananda


In this episode Yoga is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Rowdy Girl Sanctuary's Renee King-Sonnen discuss the following:

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