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Stacie Dooreck is the author of Sunlight Chair Yoga: Yoga for Everyone! and Yoga for Everyone!  She's been a certified Sivananda Yoga instructor since 1995. She was born into a vegetarian family and taken to ashrams since birth, Stacie lives the yogic lifestyle and shares its benefits with others throughout the world. 

Stacie has never tried fish, chicken or meat in her life. Four years ago she made the shift to becoming vegan. Stacy loves teaching yoga and believes the practice has the potential to encourage students to become more compassionate towards animals, care more about their health and become an entry point to the plant-based lifestyle.  

Stacie teaches yoga at companies in the Bay Area, CA. She is a Stress Management Specialist for the Ornish Heart Disease Reversal Program in N. CA and an Alzheimer's Research Study at the Preventative Medicine Research Institute by Dr. Dean Ornish. Additionally, Stacie offers Chair yoga teacher trainings and other self-paced yoga courses online.

Stacie has been featured teaching yoga at offices and for seniors on: KQED/NPR CA Report Radio, CBS Miami Healthwatch 5 pm News and Yogiviews Cable TV. You can catch her show Yoga and Chair Yoga on cable TV with episodes also available to view anytime on her website .
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Connect with Stacie:

Instagram: @sunlightyoga
Facebook: @yogainchairs

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