Swamini Amma Niradhara


Swamini Amma Niradhara is a Vedic Vegan, Agnihotri, Sannyasi, Spiritual Mother & Resident Managing Director of SwAr Ashram  &  its small grass-roots charity NGO located in an ancient heritage hermitage in rural India, along the banks of the most holy River Narmada. She is providing educational initiatives in English, Computers & Yoga, supporting girls with Moon Cycle educational Satsang as an integral part of monthly Yoga Camps, providing eco & bio-friendly cloth fem pads, empowering girls to attend school while caring for their sacred time of the month. Her breadth of experience as a Teacher bridges East & West, illuminating the deep waters that flow between culture, philosophy, lifestyle & ethics. E-RYT500 Experienced Yoga Teacher  &  CYT-300, Yoga Therapist,  Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, YACEP provider, Ordained Interfaith Minister (formerly a max security women's prison Minister).

In this episode Yoga is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Amma Niradhara discuss the following:

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Linktree: https://linktr.ee/inneryajnya
Website: https://swarashram.com
Instagram: @swarashram
Facebook: @eyeSwArAsharam


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