Tabay Atkins & Sahel Anvarinejad


Tabay is the youngest certified yoga teacher in America and a vegan chef.  He has been in the kitchen with his mom helping her cook since he was 5 years old. He has graduated from High School (3.5 years early), with a 4.0 GPA (all A’s and A+’s), and is now focusing on his yoga and vegan cooking career.  

At just 6 years old, when Tabay saw how much yoga helped heal his mom from the effects of chemo & cancer, he decided he wanted to become a yoga teacher so he could help other people heal through the practice of yoga, the way he say it help his mom.  He has 7 specialty yoga certifications and is now working on his 8th, becoming an RYT-500.

He has donated 100% of all the money he has made to help people who have cancer. His passion and mission is to spread yoga and veganism to as many people as he can. He teaches yoga and cooking classes all over the world and also teaches on his website,

He is a Kashi ambassador and has helped co-create their new cereals and snacks. He is on the cover of this year's March/April issue of the Yoga Journal Magazine.  
He lives part-time in Maui and part-time OC, Cali with his mom, Sahel Anvarinejad.

Sahel is Tabay Atkins’ mom. She is a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer survivor, a chef, and a yoga studio owner & yoga teacher. Sahel has 16 specialty yoga certifications & specializes in teaching kids yoga.  She opened up the first kid's yoga studio in Orange County, California called CARE4YOGA.  
Since she first became certified in 2012, she made a policy that anyone that has cancer, had cancer, or had a family member going through it, she would never charge them. She has kept that policy and helped many people in need.

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