Our Goal

Choosing Vegan Honors Ahimsa 

Every time we eat, we make a choice whether we realize it or not.  Do we want to participate in suffering and violence or do we choose to live with compassion?  This is the most impactful decision we can make as it effects billions of farming animals, the health of our planet, and every being who lives on it.

Many of us are introduced to yoga through public classes that focus on the physical postures. We get hints of bliss through the practice and the next thing we know, we are hooked.   This is only part of the path to Enlightenment.

This ancient wisdom, contained in the eight limbs of yoga was set forth for us yogis by the Sage Pantanjali, in the Yoga Sutras completed prior to 400 CE. The first limb, yama or the laws of life contains 5 rules to follow. The first and foremost is ahimsa or nonviolence in thought, deed or action towards all sentient beings. 

Yogis throughout time have had vegetarian and vegan diets. Modern vegetarianism feels like it’s kind, but it’s not. 

Dairy cows only produce milk when they are pregnant. They are forced to be repeatedly artificially inseminated.  Their babies, the calves are immediately taken away to preserve the milk for humans. “Male calves are killed for veal, and females are raised to produce more milk. The cycle of abuse for females lasts about five years until they are considered “spent” and sent to slaughter.”

Egg laying chicken are raised for producing eggs. The male chicks at the hatcheries aren’t useful to the egg industry and killed shortly after birth.  “Farms can use a term such as “cage-free” and still employ the same inhumane methods found on conventional factory farms.” 

There are over 36 million people practicing yoga in the U.S. alone at a time when the world needs us most. Together we have the power to raise the collective consciousness and bring tranquility to the forefront. Yoga Is Vegan strives to shine the light on ahimsa. Choosing vegan options allow us to participate in kindness and compassion towards all other beings. Together we can lead by example and build a supportive community by sharing the individual paths we took towards becoming vegan and offering encouragement to others as they begin to take their steps towards becoming vegan.  



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