Gerardo Félix, Mexico

My journey to a plant- based diet began after years of practicing asanas. There was a point in my life where I needed to take my yoga practice to another level, out of the mat. As I nutritionist, I was well aware of the benefits of a vegan diet, but I wasn't ready for that big change. I did a slow transition. Giving time to body to be aware of my new diet, and also giving time to myself to change my eating habits .

I have been following a vegan diet for one and a half years. Almost everything I heard was true. The benefits and the risks, but surely the benefits I have experienced went over the risks by far. 

My asana practice has changed a lot. My body Gerardo Félixfeels lighter.  I feel more energy through out the day. I don't feel sleepy after I eat. I just feel give perfect. Also, I must say that the connection with animals has increased a lot. I've become more sensitive to other beings who are suffering. It's great to know you are not being part of the pain so many animals are going through.

After all, the maximum benefit for me is the AWARNESS that what I put inside my body effects the way I feel. And, how I choose to fuel my body contributes to the wellness of the world.

Now I teach workshops and seminars to keep motivating more people to try a new way of eating that will bring them peace, energy and health to them and to their surroundings.

- Gerardo  Félix
Instagram: jerryfelix_
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