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Episode 27- Dotsie Bausch

  YIV's Holly Skodis interviews Dotsie Bausch about her road to becoming vegan and self discovery along the way.  Aft...

Obi Ndefo

  In this episode Holly Skodis & Obi Ndefo discuss: The hit & run accident that left Obi an  above-the-knee ...


A guiding principle of yoga is ahimsa which means not to injure and to have compassion. This principle is applied to all living things including all animals. 

More About Ahimsa

Live With Compassion

It's the most influential change we can make as it effects billions of farming animals, the health of our planet, and every being who lives here.

Lead by example

Together We Can Make A Difference

36 million yogis in the US alone. Together we have the power to raise the collective consciousness and bring tranquility to the forefront.

Be Vegan
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