Kathleen, Kastner, CA

I’ve been practicing and teaching Ashtanga yoga for over 20 years. I’ve been fully vegan since 2002 after learning about the book, Diet for a New America, by John Robbins.

I was already vegetarian due to my love for animals and fish, but was having asthma, allergies and acne. I had NO clue it was being caused from the dairy!

I went vegan initially for my health and these symptoms went away.  Once I learned about the horrific practices of the dairy, veal and egg industry, I went vegan 100% for the animals. 

Because I’m an Ashtanga yogi and Ahimsa is one of the first limbs, Yamas, I take veganism to heart. 
Kathleen Kastner Yoga Is Vegan
When I met my husband in an Ashtanga class 10 years ago he was miraculously already vegan!  We had a vegan wedding in Santa Monica with our Kansas and Wisconsin relatives and everyone loved the food. 

I use to own a yoga studio in Kansas City, Maya Yoga, and it was a vegan studio. We had vegan start up kits at the front desk, held vegan potlucks and had our teacher training students go vegan as well.  

I organized a Walk for Animals team yearly to help raise awareness and funds for Farm Sanctuary. 

I live in Encinitas, CA now and am heavily involved in the vegan and animal rights movement here.

I’ve also written a book called, Yoga’s Path to Weight Loss: A Mind Body Spirit Guide to Loving Yourself Lean, where I  promote ahimsa and how to adopt a vegan diet. 

I host a Youtube vegan cooking show called, Vegan Vitality, to help educate people how to cook delicious recipes without using animal products: 

I end each video by saying, “Thank you for saving animals with your food choices.”

- Kathleen Kastner
Website: kathleenkastner.com 
Instagram: @kathleenvegan
YouTube: Kathleen Kastner






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