Svetlana Saenkova, Germany

Q: What does yoga mean to you?

A: The entire Life! The infinite and unforgettable path. The conscious and joyful journey. It`s an incredible gift and inexplicable insight. The sacred dance of body, mind, and spirit. It is awakening, self-research, self-mastery, self-understanding, self-reflection, self- transformation, expression and contribution to the glorious infinite spirit of divine Love, Light, Freedom, clarity, miracle, resonance, co-creation, and renewal.

It's my daily message and an act of gratitude, purity, asceticism, mastership, trust, virtues, transformation... I AM on 8 stages of the yoga path.
Yoga is not religion. I'm not a member of any religion in this world. Yoga is not a sport. In this sense, I'm not in a sports club.
Yoga is my unique and individual dialogue and transdimensional interaction with the Self and with Universe.

Q: Why did you start practicing yoga?

A: In 2009. It occurred by lucky chance. A girlfriend of mine and a co-member of a ballet / dance studio once asked me to join her in a yoga course at one city studio. So, friendship and curiosity brought me to yoga.
Once yoga crossed my life path, it keeps opening like a bud in a blooming flower in my heart. I found Who I Am True. I learned, discovered, applied and transformed so a lot. And now, I share it with others graciously.


Q: Why did you decide to go vegan and how has it impacted your life?

A: Today, I may say that yoga, veganism, and childfree are the best things that could happen in my life and enrich it! This summer I`ll turn 45 and nobody believes my age, people are surprised by seeing me so vivid, flexible, multi-functional, beautiful, happy.

The main reasons I became vegan were ecological and ethical. I`m vegan with 80- 85% raw plant-based & whole grain food, which means without thermal treatment. Also, I extensively use superfoods.
It`s improved my yoga practice much.

Yoga + vegan is a harmonious concept for me, since times when nobody talked about sustainability, animal rights and climate change so often and it wasn`t on top of the global agenda. I lovingly integrate yoga, veganism, organic certified goods, ethical products, fair-trade goods, sustainable and environment-mindful technologies, volunteering and charity. Open my YouTube channel and you`ll find plenty of exciting and inspiring examples of this splendid lifestyle, tips and tools!

Q:  What are your favorite asanas, pranayamas, and vegan meals?

A:  Asanas: Hanumanasana, Adho Mukha Upavishta Konasana, Supta Baddha Konasana, Eka Pada Vasishthasana, Kapotasana, Ashtavakrasana, Ardha Padma Matsyendrasana, Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana, Karna Pidasana, Shirsharoli.
Pranayamas: Nadi Shodhana, Agnisara Dhauti, Bandha Triyam Prakriya. I like to practice various mudras of advanced level also.
Vegan meals: red & wild rice with vegetables, pineapple and peanuts; Japanese rice nuddles with cherry tomatoes, seaweeds, cashew and lemon-basil-saffronsauce; raw rucola soup, vegan rolls with avocado, cucumber, vegan cheese and sesam; vegan waffles, vegan pizza, various kinds of vegan brownie, various smoothies and salads.

So, take yoga & veganism & eco-shopping on board your lifespan! Let`s salute and enjoy together how the benevolent changes dawn!
I`ll be happy if my vision, service and resources will help you to make a first step, to go on this path with support and enthusiasm, will encourage you with confidence and wisdom, will transform and reveal your best version of yourself in all terms (body, mind, soul)!

Connect with Lana:

Youtube: @velana_net

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