Beth Crivelli


In 2011, disenchanted by her fashion career, Beth Crivelli decided to swap luxury rags for sweaty shorts to become a Bikram yoga teacher. Throughout her years of teaching and practicing different styles of yoga, she realized the magnitude of
what yoga truly is, a physical, spiritual and ethical practice.

She has since trained in Yoga Therapy, Jivamukti Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Pre- Post
natal yoga, Yin , Mat Pilates and taken a number of anatomy and other
courses. As well as teaching Yoga to the general public, Beth specializes in
bespoke yoga for the individual. Throughout her years of teaching, she has
come to realize the extent to which we all have different bodies and different
life experiences and these create a unique life story for each of us.

Beth assists her students through movement, breath, meditation and awareness in adapting the practice to their own individual needs- physical, emotional and
mental. Beth’s public classes are versatile and adaptable but still challenging; She believes there is a pose in each pose for everyone. Beth provides options and layering so that students are encouraged to use their inner teacher and meet their boundaries while respecting their own limits. Through acceptance, we can find growth.

Whilst leading the teacher trainings (Hot 26/2, Vinyasa and Yin) for Sadhana
Yoga & Wellbeing Beth encourages trainees to find their own voice and respect the core values of yoga. She teaches the trainings from a place that believes yoga is for everyone and has nothing to with performance and all to do with introspection and working to the best version of ourselves we can be.

Yoga has stretched, healed, and strengthened her body, belief system, mind, and soul, in unexpected and amazing ways. Yoga continuously challenges
changes and shapes you. The practice of yoga is a harmonizing self-study,
which helps to align one with inner and outer peace, as well as the earth and
all its earthlings.

In this episode, Beth Crivelli and Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis discuss the following;


Connect with Beth Crivelli:
Instagram: @bethcrivelli
Facebook: @bethcrivelli.9
Sadhana Yoga & Well Being 


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