Christopher August & Sara Oakley

In this episode Holly Skodis interviews Christopher & Sara about how vegans can find their unique gifts and talents so they can effectively contribute to the vegan movement. They explore how pain can be a great teacher and share different modalities for self-discovery. Chris and Sara each share their stories behind why they are vegan and how their own pain inspired led them to a life dedicated  to elavating the collective consciousness.
After a series of synchronistic events, husband and wife, Christopher and Sara met while serving as Peace Corps volunteers in Tanzania, Africa. While living and working in small rural villages, they experienced both the pains and joys of the world, which led them to making a commitment to devote their lives to the evolution of humanity, animal liberation, and the betterment of the planet.
Amplified by their compassionate vegan lifestyle and years of professional training in a variety of fields including life coaching, herbal medicine, detoxification, energy healing, and leadership, Christopher and Sara founded the Vegan Warrior Academy in 2018. The academy is a digital platform aimed at supporting vegans in their personal and spiritual growth so they can reach their highest potential in and out of the movement.
The duo resides in Buffalo, NY and are the hosts of the Soul in Wonder Podcast. Their work has been featured in various publications including Plant Based News, Collective Evolution, Elephant Journal, and more.
Connect with Christopher & Sara 
Instagram: @soulinwonderlove
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