Joy Stone


Joy Stone is a professional speaker, a mindset and spiritual life coach, a best-selling author, and a positive psychology and yoga therapy practitioner educated in yoga psychology. Known for her ability to deliver profound spiritual teachings in a practical and modern way, Joy works closely with spiritual seekers to solve of their anxiety, when nothing else has worked for them. 

Joy's Soul School Coaching Program blends eastern and western psychology and philosophy and has helped countless spiritual seekers move from information overload to lasting inner transformation. With more than two decades of personal anxiety experience, and wisdom, Joy shares her professional experience with the world through workshops, retreats, books, and speaking engagements. 

Joy received her positive psychology education at the Whole-Being Institute under Harvard Professor Tal Ben-Shahar, and her yoga teaching certification under the Anusara style - a therapeutic application of yoga philosophy and practice.

Joy lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, Eric, and son, Jack. 

In this episode, Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Joy Stone discuss the following:

  • Gerson Therapy and The Gerson Miracle Documentary 
  • Joy's new book, “If I’m So Spiritual Why Am I So Anxious?”
  • The kleshas
  • Overcoming anxiety 

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