Julia Butterfly Hill

In this episode YIV's Holly Skodis interviews Julia Butterfly Hill about how living in a tree for 2 years inspired her to teach others that each and every one of us makes a difference. 

Julia Butterfly Hill is an activist, author, motivational speaker, and life coach. She is best known for having lived in a 200 foot tall, over 1,000-year-old California redwood tree for 738 days without ever touching the ground from December 10, 1997 to December 18, 1999. Hill lived in the tree,  known as Luna, to prevent Maxxam Corporation controlled Pacific Lumber Company from cutting it down and logging the surrounding grove. She is the author of Legacy of Luna and Becoming and co-author of One Makes the Difference.  Julia spent over 15 years being in service to the planet and all her beings. Julia also has been a joyous vegan for over 20 years.

Connect with Julia:
Website: juliabutterflyhill.com

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