Julia Planine-Troiani

In this episode Holly Skodis interviews Julia about how she found Veganism through yoga.

Julia has studied deeply with dance, yoga, meditation, movement practices, and integral anatomy for over twenty years. She has had the privilege of teaching in New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Israel, Italy and currently in Los Angeles. She found Mysore style Ashtanga yoga five years ago, and gratefully went vegan shortly after. Her intention with all of her endeavors is to rediscover our innate curiosity and compassion, so that we may each continue our journey inward and onward with faith, steadiness and ease. She bows down to the teacher within for eternal guidance and understands that true love will free us all.

Topics discussed this episode:
What it means to be vegan
Channeling anger
Effective vegan activism

Connect with Julia:
Website: movemegaia.com
Instagram: @jujueda

Featured Upcoming Events: 
Vegan Yoga Retreat in Sayulita, Mexico!
(info on website)
The Untraining 200-hr HYBRID Yoga Training
** Correction to episode: In this episode Holly Skodis refers to "Yoga Alliance Certification". Yoga Alliance is a registration service. This is not an accreditation or certification. For more information on what Yoga Alliance offers please visit https://www.yogaalliance.org
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