Karo Tak Is In The Pink


Karo focuses on 3 things. FOOD, YOGA AND ACTIVISM. She is a vegan chef, Jivamukti Yoga teacher and activist. For years now she has been bringing these elements together, travelling the world to teach Jivamukti Yoga, talk about animal rights, teach cooking classes and compassionately spreads the word for animals worldwide. She dedicates herself to several causes and projects and a huge part of her activism is her podcast called GO FOR YOUR LIFE.

She runs her own company called: IN THE PINK, with which she focuses on vegan cooking for workshops and retreats, food and life coaching and yoga teaching. She also runs the kitchen at a vegan lunchroom in Amsterdam called Lunchroom Bataat and is currently studying to become a vegan Ayurvedic health coach. Karo lives in Amsterdam with her sweet dog Sparky and her partner Miguel.

In this episode Yoga is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Karo Tak discuss activism burnout, some of Karo's most meaningful activism moments, yoga, and veganizing Ayurveda. 

Links discussed in the intro:

  • Yoga For All featured Yogi piece by Karo Tak
  • YIV podcast Episode 25- Karo Tak: Food, Yoga & Activism
  • The Karo Special Edition Tank 
  • To be featured on the Yoga is Vegan IG and Website

    email your story about why you went vegan and how it relates to your yoga practice. Please also include 2 nice images of you, preferably in a yoga pose or with an animal. Make sure to include your IG handle and your name and state or country you live in.  Submissions entered before October 31st will be entered into a drawing. The randomly selected lucky winner will receive an available Yoga is Vegan tank top of their choosing. 

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Website: karotak.com
Instagram: @goforyourlife and @inthepink
Podcast: Go For Your Life

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