Raise The Barn with Vanessa Van Noy & Holly Skodis


Raise the Barn's Virtual Yogafest was New Jersey Yoga Collective's virtual yoga event in May that was offered to help Goats of Anarchy build a new barn. Goats of Anarchy is an award-winning, vegan sanctuary for special needs baby goats (along with other animal friends that they just have to help).

New Jersey Yoga Collective's Bridget Riepl, organizer extraordinaire raised a total of $8,530 to go towards the $10,000 needed for the barn. 

Vanessa Van Noy and Yoga Is Vegan's creator Holly Skodis had the pleasure to host "What's Next" for a segment of Raise The Barn. Our conversation is about what we have learned from our experiences locking down with Coronavirus and how we can move forward as yogis to create change. Episode 58 is a recording of our conversation.

Please consider offering a donation to Goats of Anarchy. To donate visit www.goatsofanarchy.com

Vanessa Van Noy has been both a Featured Yogi and podcast guest for Yoga Is Vegan. 

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