Robin Singh

In this episode YIV's Holly Skodis & Robin Singh discuss:
• The Peepalfarm, a stray animal rescue, vegan organic farm, low impact farmstead and a small scale social enterprise in India
• Karma yoga & other yogic practices 
• Consumption and it's suffering footprint

Robin's an Entrepreneur, working for doing good. Starting his career
as a hacker in 1998, he then founded Ejunkie in 2003, a service to
remove technology barrier for artists and authors wanting to sell
their digital content directly to buyers. Later that year, he moved to
Tucson, Arizona and continued to build Ejunkie.

After successfully exiting in 2011, Robin started working to help
animals in February, 2013  starting in Auroville, India and then
Delhi. Realizing that the nature of welfare projects in India being
such that they can't be scaled by scaling the infrastructure, he
changed the strategy from just "doing" to involving and inspiring. In
December 2014 along with two other co-founders he started Peepal Farm
- a place for animals to heal, and be heard. He's been building it,
running it, and living there since.

Connect with Robin:
TedX Talk: "Suffering Footprint:  A reason to-re-purpose your life"  
The Book of Questions: Invoking Thought Provoking Conversations Around the Dinner Table A work in progress by Robin Singh

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