Thomas Wade Jackson


Thomas Wade Jackson received his Masters from Florida State University's College of Motion Picture Arts, where his thesis film, Slow Dancin’ Down the Aisles of the QuickCheck, won both the Student Academy Award and the Student Emmy Award, as well as 20 other awards and honors. He is the founder of The Compassion Project, a multi-media production company, and director of the award-winning, feature-length documentary, A Prayer for Compassion. Thomas is a vegan and animal rights activist and lives in the woods of North Florida with his daughter and their cat friend Obi Wan.

In this episode, Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Thomas Wade Jackson discuss:

  • Finding Your Dharma
  • Cowspiracy The Sustainability Secret
  • Raising a vegan child
  • Sailesh Rao the Founder and Executive Director of Climate Healers.
  • Embracing Vulnerability
  • Meditation
  • Dr. Melanie Joy 
  • Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann
  • Dr. Will Tuttle (For more information listen to his interview on Episode 7)
  • Victoria Moran (For more, listen to her interview on Episode 16)
  • Effective Activism
  • Dr. Michael Gregor's 
  • The Game Changers 
  • Jainism
  • Jerome Flynn
  • The Animal Product Black Market in India
  • Vegetarianism 

Connect with Thomas Wade Jackson:
Facebook: @compassionmovie


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