131- Vegan Yoga Momma's Lauryn Glass

Lauryn Glass is a vegan animal rights activists, licensed mental health therapist and a 200 hour trained yoga teacher. She has a plant-based nutrition certification from ECornell and is raising two young healthy vegan kids (9 & 3) with her husband in the Midwest. Lauryn uses social media to share information, tips & recipes in favor of the vegan lifestyle. She hopes to provoke thought in others that will help them recognize that the desire for life, love and freedom is the same in all living beings.  
Lauryn has been regularly practicing yoga since 2007 and found it to be extremely beneficial during many mental, physical & emotional personal life changes and experiences. This eventually led her to pursue her own teacher yoga training in 2018. As far as she can remember, during the years of practice in many states at many studios, with many teachers, veganism was mentioned one time - in teacher training briefly and that was it. 
In December of 2019 Lauryn & her family began to shift to vegetarian eating and one afternoon in January 2021, Lauryn learned the whole truth about how animals are used and made into products and overnight, the house was vegan. Her meat loving husband came home from work and she told him he could do what he wanted but she would never be buying, eating, cooking or touching another animal product again! He has been happily vegan ever since as well.   
Of course, Lauryn's own personal yoga practice was a huge part of her spiritual journey, evolution, unlearning speciesism and choice of new lifestyle, but it was not until reading the book "Yoga and Veganism," and really understanding the ins and outs of our food system, that Lauryn made the real connection that: YOGA IS VEGAN! She believes that it isn't just yoga though, it is everything that we say we are as people! We say we treat others how we want to be treated, we say we are kind, in favor of justice, equality, peace, freedom, love, a healthy planet, healthy minds, bodies & souls. 
Lauryn shares tips, truths & her self-taught vegan recipes on her social media pages @veganyogamomma on Instagram and TikTok. She posts her recipes on a blog: www.veganyogamomma.com. You can currently hear her on weekly podcast episodes as a cohost of: "Vegan Sunday School" on the Vegan of Course podcast. She loves to inspire others to break themselves from the societal conditioning and reunite with their own true & inherent compassion for all living beings on or off of the yoga mat. Lauryn & her family love exploring the growing vegan scene in their city & checking out all of the new vegan items on the shelves at the market every week! 
In this episode Yoga is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Lauryn Glass talk about her vegan/yoga journey and raising a family vegan in the midwest. 


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