Ingrid Jean-Baptiste Ruotolo, NY

Even though my life isn't perfect, I woke up with gratitude this morning. You ask me why? Simply because my yoga practice has got me to that place, no matter the circumstances, my heart is full. I discovered yoga in 2008 in Los Angeles, a friend took me to his favorite studio in West Hollywood, he probably doesn't know how this experience impacted my life. Flash forward 12 years later, I am on the journey of what I call "Be In the Moment": experience every single opportunity that comes at you.
Precisely a year ago, I found myself very stressed out with work and discovered Kundalini Yoga. I work as an actor and producer, it's not all glam in this industry... Living in New York comes with a price. That same year, my husband and I began our Veganism journey, not an easy one being French and loving my croissant and cheeses, but a very profound human experience for both of us.
The tumultuous times we are living give us an opportunity to go deeper. As a result, I found myself teaching Kundalini Yoga for the past 5 months and has helped me tremendously find my inner strength and courage to fight through.
Being Vegan to me is a journey, I'm not a perfect Vegan, but I try my best every day. And with my Yoga practice, it makes it a perfect combination. I can only encourage you to try it and give yourself a chance to experience bliss.
—Ingrid Jean-Baptiste Ruotolo
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