Kelly McGrath, London

I went vegetarian aged 10 much to my family’s confusion at the time. Growing up in Ireland it wasn’t a common choice in my hometown in the late 90s!  

Fast forward to when I started Yoga Teacher Training and we learned about ahimsa (non-harming) and were asked to go veggie for 2 weeks.

I decided to try going veganKelly McGrath Yoga Is Vegan Featured Yogi and noticed a massive shift in terms of my view of what I put in my body and the origins of food. I kept up eating vegan for the remainder of the training over the spring, and then by December went fully vegan after educating myself further with documentaries and reading books such as Eating Animals - that was 3 years ago and I haven’t looked back!  

For me, being vegan is who I am and ties in with my belief of ahimsa - it is a lifestyle choice about living a life that minimizes pain to all beings, not just with my diet but with my clothing, beauty products, etc.

I also run a vegan supper club (@rootskitchenlondon) with my partner (also vegan!), to show people how delicious vegan food is and that no creature should suffer just to satisfy someone’s tastebuds. I love animals and it is my aim to do as much as I can to end their suffering ❤️

—Kelly McGrath

Connect with Kelly:
Instagram: @kellebelleyoga

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