Pablo Narayana, New York

YIV: How were you first introduced to yoga? Why have you continued to practice? 
PN: I found Yoga because an ex girlfriend left me and I was very depressed. I was looking for meditation and now I am so grateful for my ex-girlfriend.

YIV:  When did you go vegan? Why did you make the decision to do so? 
PN: I had been vegetarian for 8 years and 2 years ago it did not make sense anymore.  Why have compassion for some animals and not to all?

YIV: Why is do you think yoga is vegan?
PN: Ahimsa (non-violence) is not optional, it is the foundation of Yoga. It states in the Mahabarata "Ahimsa is the highest virtue".

YIV: As a teacher, do you ever introduce the concept of ahimsa or veganism to your students? 

PN: Yes always! it is received as you live it. Students can feel when a teacher is not following what he preaches. 

YIV: What advice would you give to a yoga student who wants to become vegan? 

PN: Don´t wait, and if you fail keep trying forever.

YIV: Where do you love to go for vegan food? 
PN: Sivananda Ashrams, Vegan Tacos (Mexico city)


Connect with Pablo Narayana:

Instagram: @pablo.narayana
Facebook: @pablo.narayana
Yoga Studio: Jagadambika & Narayana

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