Pamela Kalechofsky, New York

I am a movement artist, whether it be dance, yoga, sound or bodywork — I move energy. My life’s work is to be of service & I want to assist people in finding their happiness. I believe we can do it through movement & various other practices.

Veganism is another fold in these layers. I was about 11 when I connected what eating animals is — masticating flesh & consuming something that was once alive & now is dead. No thank you.... But I was an unhealthy, unguided teenager who struggled with anxiety & depression, chronic allergies, & eventually cancer. I was lost but through the dark, I discovered an all plant-based, Vegan, chemical-free, gluten-free diet. Every allergy left & my mind cleared. With diet & other practices, I became bright, energetic, & happy! When we practice ahimsa for ourselves & our habitat, the universe around us changes. 

Every day I say prayers. I try to eat mindfully & feel the energy of the food. I do most of my own cooking, thinking creatively about dishes, & hope in the future I can do a lot of my own growing. I think it’s important for us to understand & acknowledge, rather than just consume. When we eat without awareness that is when problems occur, which we can see both on personal levels & global scales. 

Yoga is not just the asana practice; yoga is in all that we do, what we say, how we feel, & how we treat our bodies, the earth, & our habitat. We need to take care of our Mother & all her creatures. I’m not saying Veganism has to be everyone’s choice, but I am saying mindfulness, awareness, & kindness should be. 
Yoga asana entered my life as a college dance major, but the practice has always been with me & each day it deepens.
I am blessed I teach every day, whether it’s dance or yoga, & offer other healing modalities. That is why bringing people together for The Gathering with SoundBodyMind is truly a gift; sharing what is in my heart & what I’ve learned about sustaining happiness. There is light inside all of us, each one of us are gifts from the Source. Let’s elevate together 🙏🏼
—Pamela Kalechofsky 

Pam will be co-hosting a retreat. February 17-20, 2020 in The Catskills, NY. For more information visit
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Instagram: @the_yoga_and_i
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