Sarah Parisa, Ohio

Veganism and yoga capture the essence of the word ahimsa or nonviolence, which along with kindness and peace, are common themes in yoga classes and trainings. Though I became vegan long before I ever did yoga, veganism allowed me to look into my own eyes and ask myself: Are my actions aligned with my core values and beliefs? I've always espoused the ideas behind compassion, justice, and nonviolence, yet my dietary habits were causing the unnecessary suffering of animals, the environment, and my own health. A vegan lifestyle provides me with the opportunity to put both my yoga practice and heartfelt intentions into action and my ego aside. As yoga practitioners and instructors, we can always advance our practice not only through inversions and arm balances, but also by extending our values of peace, kindness, and nonviolence to all sentient beings. May our choices create love and light in all that have life. 

-Sarah Parisa 
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