Achāryā Samitā Rāthor


Achāryā Samitā Rāthor is the founder of Yogarpanam which translated in English literally means Yoga Surrender. She is an advisory consultant, life mentor, Yoga & Vedic scholar, Yoga Therapist, Traditional Diet Specialist & Guide. 

Samita's life journey is dedicated to share these infinite teachings of her spiritual experiences with simplicity and love. Having had diversified exposure from a very young age, she is able to connect and understand the needs of people almost instantly. Samita is guided and has studied with her Yoga Teacher and spiritual masters since the age of 20. She uses her inner awakening experiences to help and inspire people who come to her. She teaches, applies and shares the principles of traditional Yoga and Vedic wisdom. She is a teacher and mentor to Yoga Teachers, Life Coaches and genuinely dedicated students who would like to go deeper into educating themselves about the subtler aspects of Yoga and its principles. 

Her Unique Humane Approach has transformed the minds of many struggling. Her aim is to resolve the inner & outer struggles in the human mind-life, with compassion, empathy, intelligence and strength. She uses her profound knowledge with scientific psyche principles integrated with universal wisdom, to help people manage, streamline and overcome life challenges, worldwide.

With the fortune of Grace, Achāryā Samitā Rāthor came in contact with Yoga teachings through Yogi Sir Desikachar and her father at an early age, who hailed from a Yogic lineage. She studied one to one with Sir Desikachar and began teaching on his instructions only. In the traditional formal Yogic system, a student does not teach unless instructed by their teacher.

She also has Multiple Post Graduate Teachers Training Diploma/Degree Certifications. She has personally studied Yoga and its therapeutic benefits from Sir Desikachar and is also formally trained in Yoga Therapy. She has also done a formal study of Vedanta under strict Monastic Traditions in the abode of Himalayas. She has had the Blessings of studying and coming in contact with beautiful Spiritual Living Masters like the Dalai Lama, to continue further her quest for learning constantly.  

"Coming in contact with my inner experiences was like a new birth suddenly. The purpose of existence of life took a turn into another space and direction altogether. From a glamorous and eminent existence at a young age, I got drawn towards things that I never ever thought I would be immersed in so much. Nothing about me remained the same except my sense of humor. My family and friends noticed the transformation in me. What exactly happened I don’t know, but a major shift took place in my mind. All things that I was inclined towards totally disintegrated.  This happened after I came in contact with my Teacher. Outer and Inner. The important thing is to live consciously. Whether it is through what I teach (Yogasanas/Yoga postures, pranayama, philosophy, meditation & breath-work), what I eat (ethical vegan) or how I spend every moment of my life. Deeply grateful for the teachings and wisdom received from evolved masters who never forgot to see beauty, love & humor in all." Achāryā Samitā Rāthor.

In this episode Yoga is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Achāryā Samitā Rāthor discuss the following: 

  • Samita's experience studying with Yogi Sir Desikachar
  • Yoga as therapy
  • Vibrational energies as children
  • One on one versus group trainings
  • Traditional Yoga
  • Asana and the meaning of Yoga
  • Alkaline diet and sattvic diet
  • Prana
  • The importance of contolilng your tongue in Yoga
  • Tapas
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