Arturo Jose Garcia on Patience & Meeting People Where They Are


Arturo Jose (AJ) is passionate about changing our food systems via a just transition to mitigate the climate crisis, health crisis, and the exploitation of human and non-human animals and the planet. He has fifteen years of international experience and ten years in senior management, public awareness campaigns, public relations, and undercover investigations. He has been a leader in the non-profit realm for the last decade, working with animal protection organizations such as CARE (동물권단체케어), Mercy for Animals, and Animal Recovery Mission. Currently, he is Head of Operations at 50by40 and serves on the Rights for Animal Rights Advocates (RARA) and Sinergia Animal advisory boards. In addition to his efforts in the non-profit realm, Arturo was head chef and general manager of Huggers, a plant-based restaurant in Seoul, South Korea. He is also a Clubhouse and podcast enthusiast, which led him to create and host the Woke Stutter Podcast to chat with leaders and change-makers about animal protection, social justice, food justice, and how we can do better internally as a movement.


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Clubhouse: @ajgarcialive
Twitter: @ajgarcialive
Instagram: @ajgarcialive
Linkedin: @ajgarcialive



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