Danielle Lowy

Danielle started her career as a prosecuting attorney in Southern California (Riverside County) where she headed up the animal cruelty division. During this time she was practicing yoga regularly to help address her severe scoliosis. She was so inspired by the practice that she pursued her 200hr training.  After her training, she connected with the truth and unity of ahimsa and became vegan overnight. 

Danielle has also headed up the animal rights conference at Loyola Law School and has served on several animal rights boards including currently sitting as President of the Board at Switch4Good, founded by Dotsie Bausch. 

After completing her teacher training she decided to switch careers and pursue further training in Aerial arts, Pilates and the Gyrotonic® Method to compliment her first love, yoga. 

She currently lives in New Zealand where she has opened her new studio, Moove Studio. She offers Yoga, the Gyrotonic® Method, Pilates, Barre, Aerial and meditation to keep the body and mind optimally tuned.  She lives with her husband,  5 rescued sheep, and 2 rescued chihuahuas and continues to carry on her vegan leadership despite living in deep farm country. 

In this episode, YIV's Holly Skodis & Danielle Lowy discuss the following:  

 Connect with Danielle:

Intagram: @Moovestudionz


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