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Obi Ndefo is an actor, writer, and yoga teacher. You may recognize him from his recurring roles in Dawson’s creek as Bodie Wells  or Rak’ror in the science fiction series “Stargate” among many other roles on TV. Currently, he’s in the development of the television series entitled “Juice Bar” which is centered around the world of the global health moment, the organic food movement, and our planet’s movement towards consciousness and inclusivity. 

Obi came on the podcast last October to talk about moving through tragedy. He was struck by a hIt-and-run DUI driver moving full speed while putting groceries into his car at his local health food store. Miraculously, he survived the impact, but his right leg was severed instantly, just above the knee, and his shattered left leg had to be amputated 30 minutes later at the hospital to save his life.

Obi used his vast knowledge of the raw vegan diet to help expedite his healing. Remarkably just after 10 days after his 2nd surgery he was back at the gym. I among many of my listeners were left in awe wanting to know exactly what he eats.

In this episode, Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Obi Ndefo talk about building your immunity during coronavirus. 

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Gofundme: Obi Ndefo Lifeline - Organized by his Family 
Instagram: @ndefoobi


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