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Ray Ippolito has been working in the Animal Liberation movement since 2004 and, as an educator for the past 25 years, has found a powerful way to connect, educate and inspire people of all ages. Ray’s journey in Animal Liberation began by participating and co-creating countless protests/demonstrations/leafletting actions opposing international circuses, slaughterhouses, fur stores, breeding facilities, pet stores, aquariums, zoos, parades, and other mediums that exploit and normalize the suffering of animals. Ray has served on the Board of Directors and been the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Advocacy for Catskill Animal Sanctuary, has spoken to countless schools/universities/colleges as NYU/Hunter College/Fairleigh Dickinson University, has been an invited speaker to the Peoples Climate March, Ethical Culture Society, Omega Institute, many Veg Fests and other notable institutions. In an effort to empower other animal liberation organizations, Ray has created countless fund raisers, high end film/panel discussions, Vegan festivals, large scale volunteer events and many high level corporate/philanthropic partnerships to benefit the mission of many Animal Liberation organizations. 


Simultaneously, as a multi-instrumentalist versed in many styles and cultures, Ray Ippolito has traveled the world as performer, producer, music director, composer, film scorer, and instructor in the US as well as the UK, Japan, Brasil, Nepal, Venezuela, India, Canada and more. He has shared the stage and/or recorded with such notable artists as Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Donna Delory, Wah!, the Mayapuris, Gaura Vani, Mickey Hart(Grateful Dead), Mike Gordon(Phish), the Spin Doctors, Baba Maal, Alex Grey and many others and has worked with internationally recognized Healers/Shaman/Yogis/Psychic Mediums and Hypnotists such as Radhanath Swami, Shiva Rea, Sharon Gannon, Daniel Pinchbeck, Karen Noe, Raghunath Capo, program producer for the monks of the Gaden Shartse Monastery and many others.

Topics discussed in this episode:

Connect with Ray Ippolito:
Website: www.rayippolito.com
Facebook: @Ray Ippolito

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