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Sina is a senior Dharma Yoga teacher and a direct disciple of the Yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra. Although he does pull from many lineages and teachers, his goal is One. He is dedicated to exploration so he may share the Universal Teachings that lie in the hearts of all beings. He is the co-founder of Dharma Temple, a destination yoga, meditation, conscious events, and boutique in Vancouver, British Columbia. where he shares the high vibe yogic lifestyle to his community. He is also the founder of the Temple Yoga Teacher Training programs. A father to his daughter Berlin and an avid animal lover. Sina has recently moved to Salt Spring Island with his family to create an eco-center where plants, animals, and humans can live harmoniously. For more information about Sina, visit

In this episode, Yoga Is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Sina Shalbaf discuss the following:

  • Dharma Mittra's teaching and the permission he gives students to make yoga your own
  • Veganism and what it means to be an activist
  • Developing a consistent practice to harness your energy for change
  • The Sattvic Diet
  • Adopting and caring for male baby goats. (GoFundMe link below)
  • Sina's teacher training with Fabio Filippi 

Connect with Sina:

Instagram: @yogasina

For information on Sina's Online Teacher Training Mentorship visit 


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