Best of 2020


The greatest changes in my life have  always come out of the darkest moments. It feels awful going through it but with time and reflection, life’s adversities are necessary for personal growth. 

If any year is going to be a catalyst for global change in my lifetime, I’m guessing it’s going to be 2020. We have suffered collectively and yet each one of us have had vastly different experiences. 2021 is our opportunity to make great change. It’s our duty as yogis to not only live by example, but to recognize each one of our talents and use them to help guide others on their search for enlightenment. My hope is that through the alignment of ahimsa and veganism we can teach others that the unnecessary suffering and slaughter of other beings is at the root of our own suffering. 

This episode includes some of the most influential yogi and animal activists that I interviewed in  2020. I hope their words inspire others to begin their vegan journey, 

The following are excerpts from these episodes:


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