Gabrielle Kali Om


Gabrielle has been teaching yoga since 2008 and has earned over 1200 hours of teacher training certifications in various styles and lineages including Dharma Yoga where she found her beloved teacher Dharma Mittra. 

Gabrielle has been operating as the founder of her company and yoga school, Hatha Raja Yoga, since 2015. She leads yoga teacher trainings and retreats nationally and internationally. In addition, Gabrielle is a senior teacher and staff member in Dharma Yoga’s Life of a Yogi Teacher Training Program out of New York City where she serves as a teacher and mentor. She is also the lead facilitator in the non-profit VETOGA’s active duty and veteran yoga teacher training program- an organization founded to bring the physical, mental, and emotional healing aspects of yoga to the military community. Additionally, Gabrielle is certified as a holistic nutritionist and leads online courses in living a holistic lifestyle. 

Recently, Gabrielle realized one of her visions and opened “Ojas Retreat Center” located in the Santa Rosa Plateau in Southern California,  a retreat center welcoming groups of all kinds to recharge and reconnect with purpose. 

In this episode Yoga is Vegan's Holly Skodis and Gabrielle Kali Om discuss the following:

  • Sri Dharma Mittra and the Dharma Yoga Center's Life of a Yogi Teacher Training
  • Tips for optimal sleep
  • The Ojas Retreat Center
  • Vetoga 
  • Swami Kashi
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Connect with Gabrielle Kali Om
Instagram: @yogini_kali
Instagram: @ojasretreatcenter
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